You will not believe how Influencers stunned diners at one of Australia’s most expensive and scenic restaurant.

With floor-to-ceiling windows, balcony tables, and awe-inspiring views of the ocean, Icebergs at Bondi is a perfect venue for a fine meal. The destination is known to attract a glamorous clientele seeking chic food and drink as well as the party hunters of town, with all the international DJ tunes intercepting its airs. And while you’d expect a location as grand as the Icebergs to establish decorum, it isn’t always the case! Much to the shock or surprise of diners, seeing skimpily clad models, nonchalant social media influencers, and a beeline of photographers blocking the ocean views while one tries to get some food down isn’t uncommon here!

Via – Instagram @rorywarnockwellness

Perched on the southern end of Harbour City’s most famous beach, the location isn’t one to offer privacy anyway. With open spaces designed to let the outdoors in, one cannot expect the dim-lit, windows half-open vibe here. However, it isn’t the lack of secrecy that we’re concerned about, but that of sheer etiquette!

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Via – Instagram @rorywarnockwellness

Lack of Etiquette or just a way of life?
As recently reported by Rory Warnock, a Bondi-based performance and wellness coach on Instagram, his lunch at the Bondi venue was taken over by an influencer and photographer taking a few candid shots right by his table, with the latter wearing a rather eye-popping ensemble!

However, coming to the point, it is possible that the model/influencer had permission for the photo shoot, or that she and her photographer friend were casually posing over the ocean after a meal, but her ‘stint’ did manage to get quite a few raised eyebrows and glances filled with discern, thanks to the very lack of the etiquette we’re speaking about!

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And it’s not just the Bondi babe, but several influencers around the world who’re going to outrageous limits for the gram. For instance, Salt Bae force-feeding meat to his wealthy patrons or influencers being deported from Bali for their attention-seeking ruckus! Begs the question – is this a lack of etiquette or just a new way of life?

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