Infographic – Everything you wanted to know about Philippe Starck

French born Philippe Starck is a prestigious architect, product and interior designer. Influenced by his father, previously an aircraft designer, Starck had a very constructive childhood dismantling bicycles, motorbikes and other objects. Not quite surprisingly, he kept the same passion for creativity and quite astonishingly went on to design some of the most notable landmarks, interiors and products in history, including the La Marie chair for Kartell, the worlds first completely transparent chair . Starck started to gain recognition in the 70’s by designing the wonderful interiors of the bar La Main Bleue in Montreuil and the legendary Paris nightclub Les Bains Douches in 1978. The work gained the attention of French president, Francois Mitterand, who approached Philippe Starck to refurbish his private apartment which gained Starck international recognition. See the infographic below to see 20 interesting facts that helped design god, Philippe Starck, become world famous.


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