Ivory Cell Phone Case Worth $ 23,000

Cell Phone cases add protection against scratches and dings due to small drops and different unexpected collisions. Similarly, they heighten a mobile experience by allowing you to tailor-make your cell phone to compliment your personality, mood, go with your outfit, or maybe initiate a statement. Swarovski, gold, leather, waterproof, denim…….are all passé. The latest to hit the cell phone case rage is this intricately elegant ivory edition. Humans have ornamentally carved ivory since prehistoric times but in this day and age, an ivory case will set the latest trend. In Guangzhou China, the art of engraving and modern technology has merged to create the world’s first cell phone case made from ivory, mammoth, and camel bones, engraved with 16 magnificent dragons and other carvings that help represent Guangzhou.

Three masters of ivory carving took three and a half months to complete this US $23,000 masterpiece, and only 6 of such phones are currently available. As the workmanship of the handicrafts is unique and a long carving time is required, hence the possibility of cloning such phones is faint.

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