Jackie Siegel, the former beauty queen from Florida, has built a life-sized private jet replica, complete with leather seats and windows, in her living room. The millionaire occasionally dresses up and enjoys caviar on the fake plane.

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We finally have a private jet that jet-tracker Jack Sweeney won’t have an issue with, no matter how much its owner Jackie Siegel, aka the ‘Queen of Versailles’ uses it. The 57-year-old socialite and model recently added a private jet to her massive mansion inspired by the Palace of Versailles (hence the moniker). The woman who took on the challenge of building America’s most prominent modern house has now done the unthinkable. A reproduction of a private jet passenger cabin was built right into her living room, containing all the features of a normal airplane, including windows, seating, and a table. In a Tiktok video with over 1.3 million views, she shared, “I’m going to give a little caviar experience.”

She continued. “You get a little pancake; you get a little cream fresh. You can get this at the dairy department at your gourmet restaurants. And, of course, a little caviar. And top it off with a little onion and, of course, a little champagne to go with it.”
The video was shared with the caption “a living room jet and caviar.” The former Mrs. Florida America beauty pageant winner explained why she considered installing this in her 13-bedroom mega-mansion.

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Jackie with her husband.Via Instagram /@therealqueenofversailles

“Have you ever had one of those days when you’re in the mood for caviar, but you feel like, ‘Oh my gosh, I should be on a private jet eating caviar, but I don’t want to leave my home?’ “So, I got the solution for that.” The comments on the post were hilarious. One user commented, ‘Yes, I feel this all the time. Need to get one of these for my living room.” Another wrote, “You know what, Jackie, I was just thinking this morning how I want caviar, but I don’t want to be on a jet!!! Wow, the algorithm really said FOR YOU!!”

Via Instagram / @therealqueenofversailles

The Queen of Versailles also clarified on Instagram that the installation was for an event at her home. “This week, I posted about a private jet installation we used for an event. I thought it was a silly video, but I think people took it the wrong way. Although I’d like to travel private and eat caviar every day, David doesn’t agree! LOL. What bothers me most is that I think some people thought I was making fun of them, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Growing up in Binghamton, my family didn’t have much, and I worked my entire life. I never imagined that I’d have the life I have now, and I am so grateful for it and never take it for granted. I am the luckiest woman in the world because of my husband, kids, and parents. My heart breaks for those struggling right now, and David and I try to help as much as possible. I would never make light of people’s struggles; please know that.’

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Who is Jackie Siegel?
This 57-year-old American socialite’s claim to fame is the 2012 documentary The Queen of Versailles, which followed her home-building journey. She is married to Westgate Resorts owner David Siegel and has eight children. No wonder they need a 13-bedroom mansion Versailles spread across a 90,000-square-foot area. The home that took nearly two decades to make includes five kitchens, a 35-car garage, a 150-person dining room, a ballroom, and a British-style pub. The former model serves as the Florida America beauty pageant’s director and is on the board of Westgate Resorts and Ocoee Thrift Mart. The philanthropist also founded the charity Locals Helping Locals.

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