Japanese grandmother turns into star Instagrammer wirth 560k followers as she captures adorable pictures of her poodles and grandchildren

Grandparents are the absolute best. A source of unlimited love and attention for kids and with changing times their activities are evolving too. Granddads and grandmas are now more tech-savvy than ever before. Haven’t noticed them eating food with their heads down at the dinner table? The Instagrams, Facebooks, and WhatsApps of the world are keeping them engaged and how. Most of their social accounts are inundated with adorable family pictures and that’s also the case with Japanese grandmother Tamanegi, who is now a star Instagrammer with an ardent following of over 559,000 Instagram followers. Her feed is full of the most endearing images of her grandchildren and poodles. She has gained popularity as one of the cutest accounts to follow featuring her poodles, Kuu, 13, Rickun, 11, and Gakkun, three, granddaughter Mamechan, three, and one-year-old grandson Mugikun, as they play games and have tea parties together. We have shared a few of their most adorable and heartfelt moments below to make your day better:

You don’t mess with boys that look so cute and intimidating in their hand-made armor, sword and a wooden horse.

Let’s read a book together and let our imagination help us see the world right from the comfort of our home. Seen in this picture are the adorable kids entertaining themselves with some reading time and a furry friend.
Look at the sweetest little girl entertaining her guests with a warm cup of coffee in the well-stocked kitchen
We love this picture of the munchkin sandwiched between two white poodles with a bouquet of beautiful and fresh flowers in hand. Can’t decide what’s cuter!
Feeling festive? Mamechan looks pretty with her friends for company on a special occasion dressed in traditional finery.
Doesn’t this awesome picture of Mamechan enjoying a stroll with her poodle making you miss the outdoors and our beautiful nature?
Can you spot the poodle? Cute Mugikun is seen napping with his furry white poodle Kuu.

[You can follow on Instagram @tamanegi.qoo.riku]

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