Lay-Z-Spa – The Inflatable Affordable Spa

This budget spa is equitable to the luxurious concept of spa ownership. Use it at home, take it camping, at a friend’s house or on holiday; it’s so portable, it fits into your lifestyle. Close your eyes, lean back and enjoy soothing relaxation…..let the warm, bubbling waters wash away the chaos, loosen your muscles, and ease your mind. The Lay-Z-Spa is quick and easy to install and will take just 10 minutes to set up. It will circulate the water, heat it up to 40 degrees and then force it back through 80 turbo massage jets providing a wonderfully warm and relaxing experience. Designed to hold 4 adults at one time it can withstand any climate. The set comes complete with a ‘locking soft cover’ that will insulate the water and keep the pool in top condition. The pool also uses the pump to inflate itself – saving you time and a lot of breath! This great Spa plugs into a standard home socket and has a Digital control panel.

. Water Capacity is 230Gal/860ltr
. Dimensions-outer diameter is 28″ (200CM);
. Inner diameter is 28″ (70CM)
. Price: $1200 (£599.00) (Including: VAT at 17.5%)

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