Lego immortalizes the legendary Ferrari F40 with its latest supercar model kit, comes with removable V8

Ferrari F40 is my all time favorite supercar and when the Danish brick company teamed up with the Italian supercar maker to celebrate the last car that Enzo Ferrari himself personally approved, it made millions of its fans across the world, including me, very excited. Behold Lego’s awesome rendition of the Ferrari F40, a $90 supercar model kit made by Lego itself and licensed by Ferrari. The model is 10-inches long, 5-inches wide, and a little more than 3-inches tall, with bricks in Ferrari’s signature racing red color.

The replica includes working doors, a hood that can be opened and closed, pop-up headlights, a rear gate that reveals the car’s engine like the original, and an insanely-cool removable twin turbo-charged, 2.9-liter, 478 horsepower V8 engine that is a copy of the actual edition. The 1158-piece set will be available starting August 1, but Lego VIP members can actually order one a few weeks earlier starting July 15.


[Via – Bloomberg]

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