Limited edition Star Wars money is the best Christmas gift for a Star Wars fan

If you call yourself a diehard Star Wars fan, you would not want to miss on this unique opportunity. This week you’ll have a rare chance to bid on one of 1,000 limited edition Star Wars commemorative banknotes. The official banknotes will be packed with hidden features and will be released this week ahead of the launch of The Last Jedi. The release marks the 40th anniversary of the Star Wars films, first released in 1977. The special notes are designed, approved, and printed by De La Rue, the British banknote manufacturer. Unfortunately, it’s not legal tender.

“I think it really captures what the essence of what the new film, what Episode 8 is about. What you will also see across the note is the figure eight appearing repeatedly,” said Julian Payne, the creative director of De La Rue. “Both obviously in the denomination, in the number here at the top but also in some of the detail pattern work within the note as well.” Julian Payne further said the collector’s item features a “light and a dark side” that “really captures the essence of what the film is about”.

The special Star Wars banknotes will be auctioned off on eBay, with the first 1,000 going on the block December 8. The Buy it Now price on the first 1,000 is set at £100 ($133 approximately) and the proceeds from the auction will benefit a United Kingdom-based charity supporting children with life-threatening illnesses. Another 50 premium notes will be up for auction for 10 days until Sunday December 17th.


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