Limited edition Centennial saddle to celebrate 100 years of Calgary Stampede

Canada’s famous Calgary Stampede is world-renowned and a picture-perfect image of the Wild West. To mark its 100th anniversary, which falls next year, Calgary Stampede – a gathering place for the world to enjoy the thrilling rodeo, has unveiled a limited edition Centennial Saddle. It will be hand-crafted by well-known saddle maker Vic Bennett Saddles, and only 100 of them will be made. Folks who have an adrenaline rush for the Calgary rodeo tradition can own one of these for about $5,000. Each saddle will be numbered and a certificate of authenticity will also be provided. Proceeds from the sales will also help design 25 unique 2012 Champion Centennial saddles, which will be awarded to winners of a series of competitions held.

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