Limited-Edition Water from Evian

Now that bottled water is considered the coolest drink (Zero Calories), selling water is thirsty work. These days bottled water is all about the brand. About 83% of our blood is water so we need to guzzle gallons of water to stay hydrated and keep or body fit. Evian, the newest trends in bottled water to quench the thirst has been producing a limited edition of exclusive Evian water bottles. Re-hydrate yourself with this latest exclusive edition. Produced in a limited quantity of 75,000 worldwide, this bottle of water is definitely more than just to quench your thirst.

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In this day and age, Evian is considered the most visible luxury water in the world. With its neutral 7.2 pH, Evian rolls along, providing a signature taste understood by few but enjoyed by many. This “celebrity” designed limited-edition bottles from Evian are snapped up within days of their release as prized possessions for corporate and personal gifting. Are you aware of the fact that the United States consumes water twice the rate other industrialized countries do? Hence consume water responsibly, and always stay hydrated!

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