Liquid-Time Sculpture is Perpetual

Every second of our life is precious. They flow away with a smooth river of time. The sixty seconds form a very precious minute…..the sixty minutes form even more precious hour……and the 24 hours form the invaluable day! Liquid Time sculptures are the world’s only sculptures that accurately display the message of time through the peaceful and hypnotizing motion of water. Sculptures are artistic as well as functional, and come in sizes ranging from 7 feet to 35 feet! Invented by Bernard Gitton, this configuration has a more aesthetic value, displaying time using a complex system of pipes and siphons. The Liquid-Time Sculpture is actually a new take on the ancient technology of water clocks. A vacuum system propels liquid to the top reservoir every 12 hours, and from there, liquid naturally drives a pendulum that keeps the clock pumping.

As spheres fill, they denote the hours (left) and minutes (right). Interestingly, the minute markers only account for 58 total minutes. The missing two minutes are occupied by the time it takes the pipes to drain. This marvel of hydraulic engineering and hand-sculpted glass art will run you $85,000 for the7ft model and $495,000 for the 35ft model. All you need is just to live every moment to the fullest extent!

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