Luxurious armored dogpods for the military sniffer dogs

We’ve seen luxurious kennels for dogs, some of which sport a six figure price tag. But these shelters are for those pets who laze and do nothing most of the time. Don’t you think that the dogs employed for special jobs deserve a better space? DailyMail reports that military sniffer dogs in Afghanistan will receive armor-plated kennels. Fitted with an air-conditioner and lights, this dog pod will be built-in the six-wheeled Wolfhound tactical support vehicle. After all, we do owe some luxury and security for the animals that sniff out bombs and save human lives. Till now, dogs would be out in the back of the vehicles and hence faced more danger of being blown up by the devices they were trained to sniff out. More than 40 such dog pod-fitted vehicles will hit Afghanistan, the first few by this year’s end.

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