Mclaren buggy for a whopping $4000!

This can easily take away the award of the “Mercedes Buggy of the year”! To celebrate 40 years of innovation, Maclaren introduced The Maclaren Leather Collection, a range of products in luxurious high-grain leather for parents seeking the very best for their child. The collection features the unique buggy which is priced at £2,000 (about $4000) and probably tagged as the ‘world’s most expensive pushchair’. I think Simon Hathway, Maclaren’s marketing manager has rightly said: “We see the customer as being someone to whom £2,000 is literally a drop in the ocean.” Who else would splurge on a buggy this expensive? I don’t mean that it’s all Money for no Quality. There is a significant difference in quality between a cheap buggy and a Maclaren, and you always get what you pay for! It has embroidered leather seats, carbon-fiber bodywork with gold lacquer, mono-spoke alloy wheels, and even its own exclusive number plate.

You can also opt for a leather footmuff accessory for a minimalist sum of £85. But the buggy’s most elaborate accessory is a handstitched’ emblem – made from solid nine-carat gold and embroidered onto the buggy’s mobile phone pocket. If I have succeeded in buying you into this luxurious baby transport then rush as there are only 20 available worldwide and only four of them on sale in the UK.

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