A design firm is selling a 3D printed realistic model of Manhattan for $20k

How do you fit the entire island of Manhattan in your living room without using a shrink-ray gun? Two Manhattan-based design firms, TO+WN Design and AJSNY, have the answer! Together, the two firms have begun a Kickstarter project to create 3D printed miniature models of Manhattan. These models are extremely detailed and come packed with all the iconic structures and streets of Manhattan, paying tribute to the city’s architecture. The company, called Microscape, has these 1:5000 scale models up for grabs as individual tiles measuring 6 inches square. Each tile is dedicated to a particular area of Manhattan and putting all of these together makes up the entire island.

There are 200 tiles in all, to accommodate the entire Manhattan island. The entire island model can also be mounted on a wall, making it the perfect showpiece for a modern urban home. The 3D printed tiles are made from non-toxic durable white thermoplastic and vary in height from 1 inch to approximately 5.5 inches. The entire installation made up of 200 tiles costs a whopping $25,000 and will only be available for purchase once the Kickstarter project closes. The limited edition landmark tiles can be obtained for as low as $65 to $85 however.

[ Via : 6sqft ]

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