Ministers spend $460k on a tea party

The paparazzi have been hounding Hollywood celebrities everywhere be it at the film festivals, award functions or screenings. But here is dope with a difference. This time someone has been nailed for partying not only hard but partying lavishly too. And it’s no tinsel town celeb for a change. It’s DEFRA, that’s the abbreviation for Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. MPs have criticised ministers for spending up to $460,432 on a Government tea party complete with designer cupcakes. Now that does sound quite silly. Were the cakes studded with some kind of edible diamonds? The cakes were decorated with DEFRA 5 spelt out in orange icing at a party to mark the fifth anniversary. But MPs are demanding an inquiry into the celebrations, which also include a sports day (what!!!) and a DVD of achievements.

One angry MP said: “It’s an astonishing waste of public money.” That’s quiet well-said but its better to ‘ piece out’ now!

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