Montblanc introduces their Writer’s Edition, Homage to Homer – inspired by the fabled poet Homer

The legendary writer Homer gained a permanent place in the literary hall of fame with his epic works Iliad and Odyssey. These works are now widely regarded as the foundation of Western literature, and their author has a permanent place in the literary hall of fame. Montblanc is honoring Homer with their annual Writers Edition pens.

This year’s collection is “Homage to Homer” and includes the Montblanc Writers Edition, Homage to Homer and the Montblanc Writers Edition, Homage to Homer Limited Edition 1581 as well as a fine stationery Greek blue leather notebook with embossed Trojan horse silhouette and a special ink in Greek Blue.

“For over a quarter of a century Montblanc has been honouring the most distinguished writers and literary icons of past times with its annual Writers Edition,” said Franck Juhel, President of Montblanc Middle East, India and Africa. “We are delighted to present this year’s Homage to Homer in a region of Greece that formed a substantial element of his epic poem, the Odyssey, because it adds another dimension to the rich storytelling that Montblanc brings to life in the writing instrument. Our collectors are truly inspired.”

The design elements of these pens include the equine silhouette of the Trojan horse and the legendary spear of Achilles. The limited edition pen has a limitation number that references the year of the first translation of Homer’s Iliad in English. The collection is available for purchase in Montblanc boutiques.

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