Montblanc launches ink made from 24 carat gold

Gold always creates a mood of elegance, affluence, and luxury. By introducing the Golden Elixir collection, Montblanc has raised the pinnacle of luxury in writing by giving us the “worlds most expensive handwriting.” With a promise that it turns your writing experience into a magical one, the Montblanc Golden elixir ink is made of 24-carat gold particles and is one of the most expensive liquids worldwide. A handcrafted Golden Elixir Notebook in a soft calfskin leather imprinted with an ornate “G” monogram in 22-carat gold leaves accompanies the ink. The magic happens when you put ink on the paper- every word you write turns into pure shimmering gold. Now, this is definitely a collection worth its weight in gold!

Montblanc-Golden-Elixir-Collection (2)
Limited to just 100 pieces, the collection takes its inspiration from the ancient art of Medieval book illumination where the beauty of language and the importance of culture were glorified in gold – illuminating the beauty and magic of words — one gold particle at a time.
Montblanc-Golden-Elixir-Collection (1)
The Montblanc Elixir Collection is available for $4430 in selected Montblanc boutiques across the world.

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