Montblanc’s latest Meisterstück pen brings together Chiso designs with the Japanese craftsmanship of maki-e lacquer

Mont Blanc’s latest edition of the legendary Meisterstück brings together the Chiso creation and craft of maki-e lacquer together. The famous Meisterstück pairs original nib innovations with centuries-old design sensibilities to create unparalleled Calligraphy Editions that pay homage to this skill in the form of the new Meisterstück Maki-e Calligraphy Tribute to Kyoto Fine Craftsmanship Limited Edition 88. This latest offering combines the uniqueness of Chiso styles of kimono that enthralled royal family members like Empress Michiko, Princess Akishino, etc to inimitable ancient Japanese craft: maki-e lacquer. It is an ancient technique wherein lacquer sprinkled with gold or silver powder acts as a decoration using a makizutsu or a kebo brush and is mastered entirely by the skill of hand. The writing instrument looks splendid with the theme of Calligraphy that is represented by an apprentice geisha in Kyoto, adorning a colorful Chiso kimono representing the themes. The Japanese art of maki-e lacquer is exhibited in subtle blossom decoration sprinkled with gold powder.

The writing instruments stand a class apart as they are handcrafted by Japanese
maki-e master and are made of Au 750 solid gold with a black finish. Details of delicate blossoms that occupy and enhance the kimono is based on the painting by Chikudo Kishi. Meisterstück Maki-e Calligraphy Tribute to Kyoto Fine Craftsmanship Limited Edition 88 is not only unique in terms of design and execution but also function. The 45° angle curved nib is particularly made to easily create lines of different thicknesses at various angles used in character languages as well as for sketching and drawing designs. This extravagant, oriental-inspired writing instrument by Mont Blanc is available from September 2020 upon pre-order in Montblanc Boutiques around the world.

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