Montblanc’s Shoe Polish Kit – Christmas Gift from Him

If you thought Montblanc were only into making high-end writing instruments, you may not be entirely wrong, except for one tiny exclusion: The German penmaker is also into other creative stuff. Case in point this shoe polish kit here. Well, don’t cringe your nose, it ain’t as banal as it sounds. Simple yet elegant, it’s not only serves the purpose of putting your best foot (read shoe) forward well, but it does it with a superlative elegance that once was the privy of the royalty. Made of high quality embossed calf leather, the box comes with shoe polish in black and neutral, brush, plain cloth and shoehorn. Plus its compact nature enables you to take it anywhere. Now step out in style and shine wherever you go with this $250 Montblanc Shoe Polish Kit.

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