Montegrappa launches limited edition Sanctus Michael Archangelus pens by Tibaldi

Writing is not just liberating as it opens up your mind but also adds to your creative flair. And celebrating that is Montegrappa, with its Sanctus Michael Archangelus pen from Tibaldi. And if you look at everything important that was ever penned down on Saint Michael, your list would feature everything from religious scriptures to modern films and graphic novels.

The stunning design on this dated pen has been created by a master from Palekh and draws its inspiration from the Russian modernist style. The pen adaptation has been hand-painted by Tibaldi’s artist, Lorena Straffi; the Archangel appears on a gold background with texture and detail, simulating a mosaic. The pen will feature an Angel wing engraved 18-carat gold, part-rhodium-plated nib, with 18-carat yellow gold highlights.
Limited to 324 fountain and rollerball pens, each in silver, this number basically draws attention to the “earliest reference to Saint Michael in the Old Testament.” If you are overtly religious apart from being classy, you can pick up one of the limited edition of 50 fountains and roller pen in the gold edition that stands for the 50 angels in Christian and Islamic tradition. The pen trims are cast in sterling silver or gold, with the pen body set in resin.

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