Most expensive Vodka in the world at $1,35 million

For all, you connoisseurs of Vodka here’s another bottle that you simply must own. The yet to be released Russo-Baltique Vodka is touted to be the world’s most expensive Vodka. This unique brew is the brainchild of armor, combat carmaker Russo-Baltique, DARTZ.TV Corporation in collaboration with Princess Regina Abdurazakova of Kazakhstan oil heiress fame. The vodka will be unveiled at The Top Marques Monaco on April 19. This bottle is reportedly said to cost a whopping $1,35 million. Prince Albert is the lucky guy who will be gifted this exquisite brew and become the proud owner of the very first bottle. Well, I figure with that kind of price tag, owning this bottle will make you feel more like a Pauper than a Prince.

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