Moutai to launch the $20,000 Red Diamond liquor

Not many of us turn to China to meet our liquor requirements. But Moutai, a high end spirit brand form the nation hopes to change that status. Hoping to conquer the world of high end spirits, Moutai is now all set to launch a new sub brand called Red Diamond. Sure to get the world to stop and take notice, the sub brand will boast a flagship tipple priced at US$20,000 per bottle. Since Moutai has rarely found buyers outside china, it hopes to see a change and growth in its customers with this new sub brand. A large portion of the $20,000 price tag (for 500ml) goes towards verifying authenticity, given the recent scandals and controversies in China related to selling of counterfeit alcohol.

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An extremely exclusive offering, each bottle of the $20,000 Red Diamond liquor, will be individually numbered and come packed inside a box whose lock can be opened only after calling a certain phone number to retrieve the password.
Given that most folks associate luxury with a high price, luxury lovers will surely want to sample this Chinese high-end liquor.

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