My Monopoly Is Custom-Made Too

It’s not unusual to own customized jewelry, bespoken cars, made to order furniture……but how about a personalized board game! It’s been 70 years since Monopoly was first published, since then London has changed significantly. My Monopoly is a modern-day twist on the classic… just how would it look had it been designed today? Redesign the London board yourself! Become a property tycoon and build up a portfolio of your location. My Monopoly, you can do exactly that and more! Forget about Fenchurch Street and Marylebone Station; My Monopoly allows you to build a property empire on spaces named by you, for you. Simply send in your requirements and in a couple of weeks, you’ll have your very own one-of-a-kind game, custom-made at the official Monopoly Factory.

Playing spaces can be named after real streets, pretend places, beaches you’ve visited, friends, enemies, or utterly ridiculous random objects: Dad’s Bald Patch, Sally’s Silly Giggle, The Boss’s Bad Breath Parlour; the possibilities are endless. You can even be a devil and shove any references to friends and colleagues on the cheapo spaces. There are several themed boards to choose from, including Christmas, Birthday, Wedding, New Home, or the original Traditional board. And as well as naming all 22 spaces and naming and selecting the icons you’d like to appear on the station squares, you can give your game a title to be emblazoned across the board. Packaged in a gorgeous presentation tin labeled with a message of your choice, each custom-built My Monopoly is completely bespoke, and unlike some cheap imitations. Even the rules and Title Deed cards are personalized to your specification!

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