With 30 offices across the globe, Netflix is looking to hire a flight attendant for one of its private jets and will offer up to $385,000 per year

Is there anything better than watching Netflix? Yes, working for them! Netflix is hiring a flight attendant for one of its private jets for a cool $385,000 annual remuneration. “The overall market range for this role is typically $60,000 – $385,000. This market range is based on total compensation (vs only base salary), which is in line with our compensation philosophy,” Netflix said in a job listing on its website. “The Netflix Aviation department provides exceptional, safe, confidential air transportation,” it said.

Netflix HQ

The advert added that the team “helps Netflix reach the world more efficiently and effectively so the company can continue to create joy around the world.” The job in question is based in San Jose, California. It requires travel in and beyond the US. In addition to living life in a suitcase, the applicant needs to demonstrate discretion and be mindful of sensitive issues for the company and the people who use its aircraft. The private plane is usually used by top executives of the streaming giant, their families, and guests.

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The Gulfstream G500

Per Entrepreneur, other duties are more run-of-the-mill, like maintaining the stockroom and handling flight attendant duties for a Super Midsize jet solo (around seven to nine seats). The flight attendant will also be required to work for flights on a Gulfstream G550 jet as needed. With 30 offices around the globe, like Madrid, Tokyo, Mexico City, and London, the well-paying job could make a globetrotter out of someone.

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