New Maserati Accessory Collection unveiled

Bold, cool, innovative, interesting, unique, and unusual, these are all the qualities that describe both Maserati and their clientele. Moving ahead of automobiles, Maserati is stepping into the world of fashion by unveiling the Maserati Collection, at the Bologna Motor Show next week. Maserati sells and so anything with its logo will also entice all auto buffs……. more than ever to people who cannot afford a new GrandSport! The new collection is divided into six lines: Pure, Executive, Leisure, Gift, Passion, and MC. The Pure Line includes T-Shirts with the unmistakable Maserati grille, jackets, gilets, sweatshirts, polo shirts, pullovers, scarves, elegant ties, and leather driving gloves.

The Executive range includes almost everything any frequent travelers would need; from travel bags to elegant briefcases. Also in this range are pens, wallets, and exclusive cufflinks in silver with carbon-fiber details. The Leisure line renders relaxing moments with bathrobes, bathing-suits with matching beach towels, as well as shopping bags. The Gift line is an ultimate array of stuff you would want to gift to the Maserati loyalists. They include aluminum dice, pencils, paperweights, as well as a set of coffee and teacups. The Passion collection is where Maserati scale models of the current range, as well as classic cars from the past, can be found. Radio-controlled vehicles, like the racing version of the MC12, are also part of this range. And last but not least the MC (Maserati Corse) range, with the sportier look, features sweaters, keyrings, sweatshirts, and bags that relive the emotion of racetracks around the world. You can avail of all these racy products from the Maserati Collection through the Maserati dealer network and on an upcoming specially designed e-commerce site.

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