Orvis Leather Cooler changes the face of the picnic baskets

Think of a picnic basket or a cooler and we’ll have images of chunky colorful box-like products running through our mind. But Orvis wanted to bring in an element of class and sophistication to this quintessential picnic accessory. The vintage-inspired Leather Cooler from Orvis looks gorgeous and comes veiled in the beautiful, hand-sewn tan leather and has a brass buckle to top up the aesthetic quotient.

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The Leather Cooler here comes with as much as 45-litre capacity and functions as a lightweight portable refrigerator. The lovely leather box will be happy to keep your sandwiches and bubbly wine safe as you go out to enjoy picnic time with your folks. Another catchy element here is the sturdy contrasting leather strap that can be used for bolting to the back of your car. It measures 23″L x 13½”W x 17″D and comes for a price of $1,000.