Owner of a $4 million apartment in London sues his developer for $100k because it did not have broadband

Life without the internet is unthinkable, unimaginable and certainly difficult to endure, even for 70-year-old executive Stephen Shalson. Living without internet made him cross, and since he couldn’t have spent his entire day without being connected to the world he had to run around looking for access. Now the millionaire businessman is taking legal action against because he did not have broadband in his £3 million flat ($39, 47,400). Shalson is suing owners of the building, Heron Residences LLP, for £100,000, at Central London County Court, accusing them of breach of contract by failing to provide proper internet facilities. The Heron Tower is a luxurious, towering building, which parades a roof terrace and private members’ club but sadly no broadband. So imagine the dismay of a rich, septuagenarian who had to, for two years, descend 30 floors from his deluxe apartment and journey to his local library and internet cafe to get online. It really is super annoying when you own a £3 million apartment and this is the treatment given.

So did his misery ever end? Yes! After enduring ‘about a thousand days’ of low-tech misery until October 2016 (his own words), a connection from brand Hyperoptic was installed finally. Mr. Shalson, who runs a business that sells holidays involving flights on Concorde, is suing Heron Residences for $1, 30,000 anyway. I am on his side!


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