Paradice: Give and Take

Paradice is the first of a matrix of nine games that carry meaningful messages for living in a more harmonious, cooperative way. Paradice…a game of Giving and Take, was released to the museum store market in 2005. It is an interactive art where players explore decisions made in response to changing circumstances and engage with the contradictions of competing needs. Artist John O’Neill created Paradice because he believes that objects for entertainment, such as games, should not only be beautiful but also engage the mind and emotions. The unique game consists of hand-poured resin tree game pieces within a recycled plastic pyramid. Players must help maintain the balance of the Forest while attempting to gain opportunities for Human Beings, experiencing the delicate struggle of giving and take.

All the clear plastic components, interior system components and the pyramid are totally made of recycled plastics. Through interactive art, one explores the richness of self, the duality of human nature, the balance and the interconnectedness of all life….all for $189 only.

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