People who shop at, or stand near, luxury stores are not very nice – a research says

A research has shown that people who shop at luxury stores are less likely to be helpful than those who shop in regular stores. Also, that being around luxury stores can influence the helping mentality of a person. The research was conducted in Paris, and had three parts.

Do you know what that mean? It means people are saying that the rich or those who aim to be the rich by rubbing shoulders with them are self-centred, proud folk with less humanity. We cannot blame them entirely because they met such people during the course of their experiment. But then to make a noise about it, and publish a paper? Are people REALLY that jobless? Ok, at least it is a saving grace from maniacs killing innocents at public arenas, but this is a tad bit much. Parisians are anyway known to have a halo of frost on their heads, and ice chips on their shoulders, so it could have just been that.

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The issues people have, baffles the living daylights out of me.

[ Via : Marketwatch ]