Personal Inflatable Private Island

What is comfort that can’t be tailor-made to suit your busy life style? Hammacher Schlemmer had realized it long back and now unveiled your own inflatable private island. Mammoth of size and tropical ambience would be missing, but didn’t you know ‘something is better than nothing.” And a relatively affordable price is an added advantage. Once inflated, your little piece of paradise/square of rubber measures 8’ by 8’ which is enough to hold about 8 adults. Afternoon-tanning is not all what you can do with it. All zealous water babies have to have this because for small boats, kayaks, and wave runners, it can serve as a mooring station.

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A durable strap in one corner of the island can even be hooked up to a boat for a little bit of adventure. An anchor can also be attached to dock the island wherever you want, but that’s not included and no mention is made of where you can purchase it (or for how much). It does have an in-built rapid deflating mechanism to pack it with minimal efforts. Other features include four removable padded swim straps for a secure handhold when climbing onto the platform, two air chambers that ensure reliability, stability, and comfort. An 8’ by 8’ piece of rubber coupled with your fantastic family and mooring dock is just $320 away. Need I tell you that this is way cheaper and better than idea of bringing a real private island?

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