A colossal Photoshop fail – Influencer is roasted over her glamorous Eiffel tower photoshoot as fans claim she was never there.

Via Instagram / @jesshunt2

In their efforts to engage followers, influencers often resort to measures that end up putting them in a soup! As much as people were shocked to see a Florida-based fitness influencer do a photoshoot with the open casket of her father, they were just as annoyed with influencer Jess Hunt for photoshopping herself in front of the Eiffel Tower. It’s just the blatant need to lie topped with undermining the intelligence of your followers that irks most people. Influencers, especially, should know how eagle-eyed their followers are, and sooner or later, netizens always expose the hidden truth.

Via Instagram / @jesshunt2

Though admittedly stunning, she was posing on the Pont d’Iéna, the bridge that leads to the world-famous Parisian landmark in a skimpy, sheer dress. People quickly pointed out that Jess had superimposed herself into the images, and they even noticed a very evident lack of shadows everywhere she strutted. One user commented, “She’s literally got no shadow anywhere.” Another one joked, “I too travel with Photoshop,” joked one person, while another maintained, “Her feet are floating.”

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Via Instagram / @jesshunt2

Many of her 1.5 million fans appreciated her glam look; even with the towering Eiffel Tower behind her, it was difficult to take eyes off the beauty. She did post a video strutting in front of the wonder of the world in her defense, but many did not buy it irrespectively. ‘These pictures weren’t Photoshopped; I was genuinely there,’ Hunt said. ‘I even have a video on the Instagram post of me in front of the Eiffel Tower,’ she added.

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Another influencer caught by fans and left red-faced with embarrassment was Dubai-based French model and reality TV star Oceane El Himer. She posted a selfie ‘pretending to fly Emirates business class but was caught red-handed when a follower on the same flight spotted her sitting in economy.

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