Pizza Royale 007 – The Most Expensive Pizza

We have mentioned about the priciest cocktail, diamond studded cake and ice-cream and chocolates garnished with edible gold…..but how about some opulent meal between the cocktails and desserts! Its pizza time anytime…….and why not make it special by ordering the Most Expensive Pizza! If you’ve got the money then you can indulge your taste buds and self-image too. A chef, Domenico Crolla, in Scotland has created what he believes is the world’s most expensive pizza, made from champagne-soaked caviar, lobster marinated in the finest cognac and topped with 24-carat gold shavings. It has been named the Pizza Royale 007 after the expensive tastes of suave agent James Bond, currently being played by actor Daniel Craig.

The award-winning restaurateur and chef, from Glasgow, created this sumptuous recipe to raise funds for the Australian-based Fred Hollows Foundation which works to prevent curable blindness in developing countries. He is hoping to sell the “Pizza Royale 007” for at least 2,000 pounds ($4,982) on Internet auction site eBay, with all proceeds going to charity. Bidders have until November 19 to lodge their interest on eBay. Noble thinking!

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