PR2 Robot is at your service for $400,000

For a price of $400,000, you can now afford a robotic assistance for your daily chores. Dubbed PR2 (Personal Robot) and developed by California based Willow Garage, this cool robot is available for anyone who can foot the huge amount. Though many of us may feel that such aid will give birth to more couch potatoes, PR2 is ideally designed to boost home and work productivity. This 5-foot tall bot has already wooed us with its capability of folding towels, picking up trash, playing music, fetching beer, and do repetitive tasks to support folks living in an assisted facility. It boasts of two arms with grippers, an omnidirectional mobile base, and a full sensor suite. Cnet reports that it also features two computers inside its base, each an 8-core server with 24GB of RAM and a battery system tantamount to 16 laptop batteries. Two pairs of stereo cameras are fitted on the head, and the eyes are designed to work as a human eye. The tilting laser scanner helps create 3D models, which help steer clear of obstacles as it moves about executing the orders. The 1.3 kWh battery system can run the servers and robot at full tilt for 2 hours. Onboard chargers let PR2 run while plugged in and charging.
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Folks who have made significant contributions to the open-source community can avail a $120,000 discount. They can take home your very own personal robot for just $280,000. Hit here to read more details about availing the significant discount.
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