Priya Sachdev Chatwal of TSG International speaks on Luxury in India

Priya Sachdev Chatwal is the C.O.O. and Creative Director of TSG International Marketing Pvt. Ltd. As Creative Director of TSG, Mrs. Priya Sachdev Chatwal oversees the placement and interpretation of luxury brands represented by TSG. She has been instrumental in spearheading communications and conceptualizing various luxury brand images for the company. This includes brand building and promotional activities, media relations, and corporate communications for the group.
1. How do you define/correlate Luxury and Fashion?
Luxury and Fashion correlation is high fashion luxury, where the fashion becomes iconic and vintage basically timeless. Luxury means timeless with an extraordinary experience. The fashion collections are high-quality products that last many years that even our children can inherit and wear as vintage pieces.

2. What lures Indians to splurge on international luxury fashion brands?
Indians are accustomed to luxury as it is part of our heritage and culture. They like to spend on international luxury fashion brands as they are statement pieces written and spoken globally in most high fashion magazines. Also, they are timeless and ageless with value for money.
3. Is the flow of luxury retail in India in sync with the international trends?
Yes, the flow of luxury retail in terms of fashion is in sync with international trends. India is an important market, and the consumer here is global today who is aware of the latest fashion trends and collections and who indulges in keeping up with the trends. As an industry, it is still evolving and growing.
4. What inspired you to bring the top fashion brands in India?
The inspiration was the fast-growing luxury fashion industry in Europe, US. Indian is an important market that had the spending power and heritage indulgence in luxury. We wanted to work with the top fashion brands as they carry strong brand recall value and are written globally in all fashion magazines in the world. Our Indian consumer was shopping abroad when they traveled, and we couldn’t keep up with the fast-changing fashion trends. By bringing the top fashion brands into India, we today are aware of the latest trends and can keep up with them and enjoy shopping them at our own home turf.
5. How do you plan to fill the gap between the elite shoppers and luxury retailers?
Customer service! This is the key…to nurture our relationship with our elite shoppers and give them an experience beyond shopping, which is the after-sales and service.
6. What inspired you to give the name Kitsch to your brand?
Kitsch means imitation. We wanted to have an array of brands in our multi-brand boutique imitating a mono-brand look and feel. Kitsch for India is the ‘Fuel to Fashion’ in India.
7. How does Kitsch manage to bring the best of the fashion world at competitive prices in India?
Our strength is the best of fashion at competitive prices. We believe that our consumer is global and travels worldwide, and is aware of the prices. What we give them is competitive prices with the best fashion here in India. We do this by cutting our back end and operational costs, and we bring that advantage into our prices.
8. Do the purchasing habits differ from country to country?
Yes, it does differ from country to country. In India, the consumer is still evolving, and so is the luxury fashion industry. Whereas in Europe, Asia, and the US, the consumers have over 50 years of exposure.
9. Has the purchasing power of India changed over the recent years?
Yes, the purchasing power in India has grown tremendously and will continue to grow and evolve.
10. Will the craze for luxury brands ever fade?
No, the craze of fashion brands will never fade. Especially for luxury fashion brands as that becomes one’s lifestyle when once experienced.
11. Where do you think this luxury retail industry is heading in India?
Luxury Retail in India will only grow in the next 20 years. It will be a huge industry.
12. With the virtual stores just a click away, do you see Luxury retailers moving away from the traditional brick and mortar stores?
No Luxury retailers are now including virtual stores in their model for additional sales and income to the business, reaching out globally, including India. We need brick-and-mortar stores to touch and feel luxury, especially to create brand awareness, identity, and real-time experience for the elite consumer.
13. Did the recent economic crisis affect the elite fashion industry?
Yes, the economic crisis does have a ripple effect on the elite fashion industry like it has on any industry.
14. Can we know more about your company’s plans?
we plan to open many more Kitsch stores around India in the next 5 years and a virtual store.
15. Name a few of your favorite Indian as well as International fashion brands.
My favorite International fashion Brand is Stella McCartney, AMQ, Rohit Bal, Anamika Khanna
16. What do you think about Luxurylaunches?
It is a great blog and platform to educate and inform the Indian people about the luxury industry. Keeping them abreast with the latest news in luxury fashion and all things luxurious!

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