Propose to your beloved with the beautiful $106,794 diamond cupcake

Proposing to your beloved by dipping an engagement ring in her glass of champagne is definitely passé. For the modern lover who wishes to surprise his beloved with an engagement ring on an evening out, the diamond engagement cupcake is definitely the best way to get the message across. And if your beloved has a sweet tooth, it is even better! The unique proposal cupcake is being offered for sale online by diamond retailer as part of its 100th anniversary celebrations. Priced at a whopping $106,794, this cupcake is available in vanilla or chocolate and features a 5.48-carat diamond on top!

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The diamond is certified by the GIA as a round, F, SI2, good cut. But you can choose from the various diamond options available and opt for the one that suits you and your pocket best. The cupcake and diamond can be shipped free overnight to anywhere in the world.
This definitely qualifies for the sweetest proposal ever.

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