Proteus: Fully-submersible Yacht

Exomos build products that take us to the wild blue yonder – with sophisticated performance, pioneering creativity and technological development. Herve Jaubert, creator of Exomos is motivated to create innovative submersibles that open up an ocean of possibilities and deliver childhood wonders to 21st centaury grown-ups. Outstanding Proteus is a fully-submersible yacht capable of delivering the ultimate in underwater luxury. It is configured to seat up to 16 divers on the deck, who can submerge with the vessel and can seat 8 people inside the dry cabin for spectacular viewing. A yacht combined with a submarine is a boat that can dive underwater on an impulse to peek into aquatic life.

The OSSA Powerlite motor/generators on Proteus have been designed to provide the full rated motor capacity at 400 rpm. Hervé stated “building submarines to standards which exceed certification requirements is a must for Exomos, and in this regard, our hulls are built with the highest quality Crystic vinyl ester resins”
Exodus not only delivers a submersible yacht but also extensive training to overcome any qualms, along with its purchase.

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