Prunier Love 2007 by Yves Saint Laurent

Limited Edition Caviar from Paris with Love……sounds Yummmmmm! From the old times, Caviar uses the deserved glory as of the best, most nutritious, tasty, delicacy of fish product. Just to let you know, the name “caviar” comes from the Persian word (Khāg-āvar) which means “the roe-generator”. Caviar is the processed salted roe of various species of fish, most notably sturgeon. Parisian caviar seller Prunier has released the limited edition caviar dubbed as Love 2007 by Yves Saint Laurent. This year the designer has got together with the Prunier to create the lip-smacking Love 2007 limited edition caviar. This variety has obtained its name from the season’s greetings sent by Yves Saint Laurent to friends. It features a painting prominently exemplifying the word LOVE.

The caviar used is of the Saint-James variety that was introduced in 1932 for the opening of the Prunier restaurant on St. James Street (London). This special Saint-James caviar is low in salt and is matured for 48 days after the catch to give it its unique taste.

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