Pure Gold Santa Claus statue for 200 million yen!

Untitled-2.jpgGINZA TANAKA Japan unveiled two statues of Santa Claus made of pure gold and 1.7 ct of diamonds. The each solid gold statue will be on display at its flagship store Shinsaibashi store 1 F in Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district on Nov. 20 ahead of the Christmas season. It took three months to make this gorgeous statue of Santa Clause. The Santa Claus belt is adorned with 1.7 ct of diamonds. The carry bag is made of 90 microns of fine gold wire and the contents of bag in pure gold.

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The gold Santa Claus statues measures approximately 41 ㎝ x 24 cm x 25 cm and weighs solid 20kg. Each statue will cost 200 million yen and will go on display at the Ginza store and its Shinsaibashi outlet in Osaka between Dec. 21 and 25. With 6 directly owned stores throughout Japan, GINZA TANAKA provides sales and service of Precious Metals Jewelry.

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