Real Madrid’s Kim Benzema splurges $250,000 on a diamond football

Celebrity Jeweller Dave Bling recently fashioned a diamond encrusted football purchased by Real Madrid Forwarder Karim Benzema for $250,000. Well, when the specially commissioned ball entails 1250 carats and 72,000 diamonds, we’re aren’t that surprised that the ball cost quarter of a million.

Truth to be told, $250,000 may just be a drop in the ocean for the footballer since he is reportedly accepting a bid of $48 million from Arsenal. Rumours suggest that the celebrity footballer was keen on showcasing a new piece in his home.

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The diamond piece was crafted by Dave Bling and Will Da Boss of DWS Jewelry & Co.Bling says the piece will be “a definite conversation starter when company arrives” at the Real Madrid superstar’s pad.

[Via – Uproxx]

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