Richie rich from Dubai spends $218,000 at a nightclub!

Opulent, spendthrift, sumptuous, extravagant, and most definitely rich; these words could best describe the affluent lad from Dubai who didn’t bat an eyelid when he and his band of friends blew $218,000 like a bubble at a very posh and popular nightspot in London called Crystal last Saturday night (I wonder what plan he has for the coming Saturday). And this is not just any other place on planet earth that rips you off your moolah; it been frequented by the likes of Prince Harry. Coming back to the guy in question, you must be wondering what did he do to part ways with $218,000 so here goes…According to representatives from the nightclub, the evening started off innocently enough, yeah like maybe he spent just a couple of thousand dollars till then. The party of 18 people started with a bottle of pinot grigio that cost a paltry $50 but ultimately went through absurd amounts of champagne and vodka that included a hold your breath $20,000 bottle of Dom Perignon.

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That wasn’t all, included in the bill were six Cokes (bored of vodka guys?), 17 orders of Red Bull (probably out of energy), and eight bottles of the luxury-brand Voss water. All I want to say now is that I wish this guy was my best pal!

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