Russian millionaire was craving McDonald’s so much that he paid $3,000 for a two hour helicopter trip just to eat a Big Mac and some fries

There is no sincere love than the love of food! And speaking of this sincerity, it was exhibited vehemently by Russian private yacht tycoon Viktor Martynov. The millionaire with girlfriend in tow was craving some Big Mac and French Fries from McDonald’s, and like the pull of any real love, he couldn’t avoid his cravings and decided to act on them. What followed was Martynov deciding to throw expense and environmental concerns to the wind and chartered a helicopter to fly him and his girlfriend to McDonald’s. The two-hour helicopter ride set him back by $2680 to ride for 450 miles for a meal that totaled $65 and included Big Macs, French fries, and milkshakes in Krasnodar, the nearest Russian city with a McDonald’s. Viktor Martynov and his girlfriend were on holiday in Crimea at the time, and under sanctions in the Crimean peninsula, companies like McDonald’s are not allowed to operate. Krasnodar is the nearest Russian city with a McDonald’s closest to the Black Sea resort Alushta where the hungry millionaire craving some “normal” food was staying.

God knows if this says more about McDonald’s love and impact on the world, or does the Black Sea Resort need to make some serious changes in their menu? Maybe they can emulate some burgers and fries too?

[Via – Mirror]

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