Even Tom Cruise would not dare attempt this – Brave stuntman perfectly leaps over a $24 million MiG-29 fighter jet from a speeding Rolls-Royce Ghost and miraculously lands back on it, while a Cessna plane daringly zooms over his head.

Via Instagram / @chebotarev_life

It’s absolutely mindboggling the kind of mad content we stumble across on the internet every single day. Just when we thought we had our fill of crazy videos for the day, Instagram surprised us with a reel showing a man jumping from the roof of a speeding Rolls-Royce to leap over a MiG-29 fighter aircraft. Crazy, right? However, there are many more interesting elements to the stunt that make it insanely cool and scary simultaneously. The absolutely wild stunt was pulled off by famous Russian stuntman Evgeny Chebotarev, who is well known for doing similar deadly stunts, often cheating death by a wafer-thin margin. In fact, Chebotarev suffered severe damage to his spine in 2021 while trying to jump a BMW over a river. He even miraculously survived earlier this year when his car plunged 50 feet to the ground in a miscalculated stunt. However, such incidents have not stopped the 33-year-old from attempting even riskier stunts.

In the latest video, Chebotarev attempted something that he had never done before. Claiming it to be the most expensive stunt he has ever tried to date, the Russian thought of using an uber-expensive Rolls-Royce Ghost as a platform to leap over a static MiG-29 aircraft. From the multiple videos uploaded by Chebotarev, it appears that the MiG is a retired Russian fighter jet kept as a static display at a museum. The twin-engine fighter aircraft was designed in the Soviet Union during the 1970s to counter America’s McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle and the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon. The MiG-29 is still widely used by many countries.

Via Instagram / @chebotarev_life

The snowed-out location makes the stunt look even more dramatic. However, to make the stunt even more interesting, Chebotarev added another crazy element into the mix. A single-engine turboprop aircraft flies just a few feet above Chebotarev when he leaps over the Mig-29, making the stunt incredibly dangerous. A small miscalculation could have led to a complete disaster.

Via Instagram / @chebotarev_life

But the Russians successfully completed the stunt this time; well, almost. Surfing on the roof of the Rolls-Royce Ghost, Chebotarev timed the jump almost perfectly to leap over the MiG. However, instead of making a clean landing on the roof of the uber-luxurious sedan, he finds himself on the rear windshield of the Rolls-Royce before slipping off the speeding car. Thankfully, the stuntman and the windshield both were unharmed at the end.

Note – According to Military Machines, the MiG-29 Fulcrum is one of the most expensive fighter jets in the world, with each unit costing upwards of $24 million.

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