Russian Car Comes with Whale Penis Leather Interiors

Russia is a country that is known for its extremes: ungodly cold, untamed wilderness, shameless opulence in the city of St Petersburg, and the nouveau riche of Moscow. So it should not be surprising that the world’s most luxurious, expensive and strongest armoured car comes from the country of vodka and lolitas.

Russia’s Dartz group have unveiled the Monaco Red Diamond Edition and the car looks opulent with an awesome ruby red paintjob, gold-plated bulletproof windows, tungsten and white gold gauges and even bulletproof wheels to provide enough security for the likes of Czar Nikolai II, Lenin and Trotsky, but it fails to impress the high rollers of fashion.
The car has its interiors done with exotic (and perhaps bizarre) whale penis leather and there is also enough gold and diamond to make all the Czars and Czarinas jealous of the owner of this amazing vehicle which costs $1.48 million. If you are rather interested in something that is even more oriental and exotic, you must try the HGTE China Editing Cars by Ferrari.
Via: James List

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