Russians are hiring grounded private jets for their Instagram photoshoots

The desire to portray an “aspirational lifestyle” is rampant among Instagram users and influencers. You’ve all heard about influencer accounts that post stock images of landscapes to make it seem like they are travelling and of course, countless fashionistas who pose in borrowed clothes; soon you’ll also be seeing people posing in private jets that aren’t going anywhere.


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People interested in faking it till they make it, can head over to Moscow where a company called Private Jet Studio is allowing people to stage photo shoots inside and outside a private jet. If you’re really committed to the shoot you can also hire a photographer and a hair and make-up team to make you as rich as Private Jet users no doubt are.

Spend the $191 that this service costs on a good meal, or better yet invest it in something useful. Leave the faking to the fakers! And excuse us while we head to Instagram to try and figure out which of these #JetSelfies are real and which are staged…

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