Scroll and shop: Influencers and business owners will soon sell be able to sell goods on the Instagram app

Instagram has been a ray of hope during the tough period of lockdown. It helped us sail through our self-quarantined days by mysteriously vanishing at least three to four hours of our days. It keeps us updated with happenings all around the world and has also helped us shop a little every now and then. That little will soon turn into shop-a-lot as Instagram announced on Tuesday it will open up its shopping feature to a more extensive group, permitting everyone from influencers and small Etsy shop owners to sell products right off of their profile pages. Come July 9 and the floodgates will open for all businesses big or small! This could be a dream come true to earn an insane amount of money without having to buy Instagram followers. As for influencers who have made a name for themselves on Instagram; it’s giving influencers a chance to firm their hold on their audience by engaging them in tangible, shoppable versions of their representations. The new policy requires Instagram Shopping users to link to a web store under their own domain name. Which means you cant sell through e-commerce site like Amazon but e-commerce platform like Shopify would qualify. For the longest time, Instagram has enjoyed the position of being the go-to place for checking out profiles of not just people but also brands. Their stories keep us all updated about the latest product lines and offers and now we can directly shop and hop too.

In no time influencers and business owners will be able to link out to products in stories and posts on their feeds and use the checkout feature to purchase products directly within the app. If you are into the business of medical products, sex toys, alcohol, or live animals, you won’t be able to take advantage of this feature as the aforementioned products are prohibited to sell on Instagram.

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