Spa-like relaxation with AlphaSphere!

Bid adieu to stress, say adios to that entire body ache and welcome the experience of all time rejuvenation people! And especially those people who have been sweating it out on that uncomfortable chair and who can give away the world for a minute of leisure and the much-needed rest. Not only will the AlphaSphere (the name of the furniture) make you feel your relaxed best its design has a lot of oomph to make you feel desirable too. Hmmm, now that may make it a tad bit more desirable. It’s a concept by an award-winning designer named Sha, who picked up a European Spa Award for the first generation of this chair, which he called the AlphaLounger no doubting the winning.

AlphaSphere sure is an eye-catcher. The shape and flow of the design are very conducive for those who are always keen on ergonomics. It has soft, glowing internal lighting makes soothing sounds, is nice and warm and it even has a vibration. Wow! Now that’s worth buying but no availability of price yet!

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