Stuti Jalan MD of Crosshairs Communication speaks on Luxurylaunches

Stuti Jalan is the Managing Director and the founder of Crosshairs Communication, India. Along with Prahlad Kakar, one of the leading figures in the Indian ad industry, she started a Public Relations and Brand Consultancy agency at 22. Since its inception in 2002 through strategic & effective planning fused with innovative ideas and leadership, the company has grown annually. Determined and committed, the fruition of her aspirations can be witnessed by the many known names, which the Crosshairs’ clientele brims with. Be it a designer, a drink, or a diamond in the rough, Crosshairs Communication always rises to the challenge and delivers. Today, Crosshair’s clientele list ranges from luxury, lifestyle, fashion, government, and corporate houses. Hermes, TSG Luxury Group – Marc Jacobs, Diane Von Furstenberg, Alexander Mc Queen, etc., FICCI, Slum Rehabilitation Authority – Dharavi Vision Project, Embassy of Brazil, Pepsi Max, Hindustan Levers, Delhi Fashion Week, Designers Rohit Bal, Tarun Tahiliani, Swarovski, Hyatt Regency, Sony Pictures, Timex Group are just a few of the names that showcase the diversity of outstanding work executed by Crosshairs.

Name your favorite International as well as Indian luxury brand?
My favorite International brand is Hermes, Alexander McQueen & Lanvin. Among the Indian luxury brands, I like Tarun Tahiliani & Rohit Bal.
What, according to you, lures global consumers to splurge on luxury brands?
The brand value & craftsmanship lures consumers globally to splurge on luxury brands. Besides this, their design, quality, durability & performance are remarkably superior to the comparable substitutes. The intact authenticity of the brand lures the consumers.
Has the purchasing power of shoppers world-wide changed over the recent years?
Yes, the purchasing power of shoppers has increased, especially in India. There was a global recession during the years 2008-10. It never actually affected India. With the end of the recession, people are now shopping more & more & indulging in buying more luxury brands & products. There is an increase in households’ per capita income, thereby increasing the purchasing power of shoppers.
Will the craze for high-end brand ever fade?
I don’t think the craze for the high-end brand will ever fade. It will increase more & more with the increase in spending power of the people.
Did the recent economic crisis affect the luxury industry?
Yes, it did affect some parts of the world but not India.
Is the flow of luxury retail in India in sync with the international trends?
The flow of luxury retail in India is somewhat in sync with the international trends. We are gradually gearing to be according to International standards.
Where do you think this luxury retail industry is heading in India?
A lot of luxury brands are setting up their stores in India & expanding their retail presence here. India & China are considered to be the upcoming markets for luxury goods. Italian fashion brand Versace recently opened its first boutique in India. Hermes is opening its 3rd store soon. Many brands such as Lanvin, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Halston, etc., all under TSG International Marketing Pvt. Ltd has established a presence in the Indian market.
Can we know more about your company’s plans?
Crosshairs specialize in luxury & fashion. We have a new vertical in social media. Social media has become a fundamental mode of communication, which is highly engaging. A major part of your target audience is present online. Social media is essentially public relations in the online world.
Then we are also planning to get into digital marketing.
Also, we want to do something for the women at the grass-roots level. I recently attended the Fortune/State Department Global Women’s Mentorship Partnership Program 2011, which connects Fortune’s Most Powerful Women, leading women business executives in the United States, with emerging women leaders worldwide. My interaction with fortune 500 companies like Google, Walmart, Goldman Sachs, Solera Capital, and Sesame workshop made me think that maybe we can collaborate with worth 500 companies and work on a project to empower India’s women’s grass-rootroot level.
What do you think about Luxurylaunches?
Luxurylaunches has come a long way & is a website dedicated to luxury. It is one of the leading luxury blogs covering every aspect of luxury news.

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