Superman the costliest movie ever

Superman has been the ultimate favourite with kids all over the world. He has become a household name over the ages. With spider-man and bat-man having done their jobs, its time for the super-cool superman to prove his mettle. ‘Superman Returns’ will be releasing on June 30th. The costs by then will be reaching $300 million. Phew! I wonder how many supermen are returning with that much moolah invested. Originally it was $200m with first director McG before Bryan Singer took over. When Bryan took over they had to re-shoot. And now it’s anywhere between $290m and $300m.Warner Brothers, the studio producing the film, claims the budget to actually be $204 million, but industry experts say that roughly $255 million has already been spent.

In point of fact, it surpasses movies like spider-man, King Kong, and Titanic where the budget is concerned. Hope this magnum opus venture turns out to be a huge sensation. In any case, the ‘superman sensation’ prevails!

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