Bloomingdales introduces revolutionary 10-minute home clothing care system ‘Swash’

Last week Bloomingdales announced that they will be exclusively selling a new home appliance called Swash Express Clothing Care System. Developed by P&G and Whirlpool Corporation together, Swash is an at-home clothing care system that reduces wrinkles, refreshes fabric, restores the fit lost after wear and preserves clothing, in just ten minutes with the push of a button. The idea behind the design of the Swash system is to fit into a living space such as a bedroom or closet allowing people to reduce or eliminate ironing, save on dry cleaning and better care for and preserve clothes. It uses an integrated tension system to gently hold clothes in place, while an advanced spray technology applies a uniquely designed solution to the clothing. A rapid thermal drying function combines an express heat system with airflow recirculation to dry clothes quickly.

“Swash gets clothes ready to wear quickly, effectively, easily and without requiring extensive resources. In the amount of time it takes one to shower, clothing will be ready to wear,” said Charles Pierce, group president of P&G New Business Creation. Priced at $499, Swash system is now available for pre-order exclusively at Bloomingdale’s stores and on It will also be featured at select Delta Sky Club lounges. P&G roped in Hollywood stylist Kate Young to promote the Swash system over the next one year.

[Available at Bloomingdales]



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