Take a look at the worlds most expensive pen – It costs $8 million and is studded with black diamonds and rubies

A pen is mightier than a sword; it is also a whole lot more expensive. For collectors, some pens are a lot like paintings; they too are a thing of beauty, created skillfully, and a status symbol. One such pen is by the Florentine brand Tibaldi which unveiled a pen called the Fulgor Nocturnus. This gorgeous writing instrument recently sold for a staggering price of $8 million at a charity auction in Shanghai. About its incredible design, we know that it is based on the divine proportion of Phi, which means that the proportion of the pen’s cap and the barrel of the pen, when closed, is equal to the phi ratio, which is 1.618. The thought behind this thing of beauty isn’t the only reason behind its hefty price tag. The Fulgor Nocturnus comes with its fair share of bling, 945 black diamonds, along with 123 rubies, to be exact. It’s tricky to say is this should be called a pen or a fine piece of jewelry. The Fulgor Nocturnus pen has 16 clips above the small button on the cap and a golden nib for durability. This pen is truly a collector’s piece in every sense of the word as only one exists in the entire world.

Some trivia regarding this pen- the words Fulgor, means dazzling brilliance, splendor, or radiance, and Nocturnus means occurring at night. One look at the pen, and you will know this is aptly named the radiance of the night with its shining dark exterior.

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